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At DPG, our core focus has always been on exceptional and personalized client service. We put all of our
efforts to exceed our client's expectations as we help them to achieve their goals and objectives. Our
cutting-edge technology and process enable us to deliver faster and more efficiently than ever before.
As a result, we can provide our clients with more cost-effective solutions.

We continue to learn from our clients and partners and grow our expertise, that makes us a preferred provider
of digital solutions for many property sellers globally.

DPG is committed to the pursuit of excellence.

DPG Vision

The future where all property transactions are made
through an online seamless 3D experience.

DPG Mission

To deliver confidence, efficiency and attention to
property sellers through our technology.


In the never-ending sales and
marketing battle for the customers,
DPG is sometimes referred to as “the
bigger stick” comparing to what other
property sellers have. When others are
still using brochures and renderings,
DPG allows property sellers to
immerse a customer into that future
lifestyle in every sales encounter, at
the same time providing all the details
about the property at a glance. No more
paper clutter, and that’s a win for the
planet, too.


DPG is made to keep everything and
everyone on the same page. Being
able to give all the answers to the
customer on the spot saves a huge
amount of precious time of all parties.
In our experience we have even seen
how DPG went beyond sales and
marketing, and was supporting
architects in communicating with each
other, because they could see how all
their drawings came to life in a very
accurate fashion.


People always tend to share
interesting things with each other.
DPG is providing that wow-effect
that makes people talk about it,
makes them spread the word. This
not only drives more traffic to the
digital platforms of property sellers,
but also, thanks to an integrated CRM
system, dramatically increases the
conversion rates.

Our Values

Our values guide our actions as we pursue our vision.
These five principles describe the way we do business, work together and collaborate with our partners.


Innovation is a "new idea, creative
thoughts, new imaginations in form of
device or method". An innovation is
something original and more effective.

We are constantly on the lookout for
new ways to improve the outcome of
everything that we do.


Integrity is the quality of being honest
and having strong moral principles, or
moral uprightness. It is a personal
choice to hold one's self to consistent
standards. In ethics, integrity is regarded
as the honesty and truthfulness or
accuracy of one's actions. (Wikipedia).

We do everything it takes to build an
incredible product, but our principles
always come first.


Love encompasses a variety of strong
and positive emotional and mental
states. (Wikipedia).

We believe that to go beyond
the extraordinary, it is critical to not
just-kind-of-like-it, but absolutely adore
every little aspect of the work.


Excellence is a talent or quality which is
unusually good and so surpasses ordinary
standards. (Wikipedia).

We believe that only the best is good


The state or quality of being dedicated
to a cause, activity. (Oxford Dictionaries).

At DPG, we commit, we deliver.
Every time.

Research & Development

At DPG, we understand the importance of R&D in order to improve the quality of our work and to stand out in the global
market. As we are constantly learning the latest trends in the property field, this adds value to every new project, and gives our
clients an edge.

We approach our projects like a partnership, and support our clients on an ongoing basis. We keep communication channels
open, and are happy to discuss any other topics beyond our initial remit.

Our R&D department is interested in forming an innovation group around the latest technologies, relevant to digital media
industry. If you are interested in making contact with us, kindly send us an email to

Our Proprietary Technology

DPG is a visual communication tool combined with a CRM system carefully designed specifically for the needs of Real Estate
sellers to support them in promoting their properties.

Our copyrighted and patent-pending technology provides the 3D interactive experience accessible from virtually any device
without a need to download or install any apps. It dramatically maximizes the number of users which is directly
linked to number of sales leads.

DPG is not only facilitating the communication between property sellers and the buyers. It also provides an invaluable
intelligence through powerful statistics, which allows Real Estate developers to learn more about the preferences of their
customers and make amendments to the project accordingly based on the shown interest in certain unit types
or other aspects.

Our aim is to support Real Estate sellers in creating a digital destination so that their customers can have a feeling of that future
lifestyle they are going to experience.

DPG is something that has to be experienced rather than explained. Contact us to arrange a live demo in your country.
We promise that you are going to be very impressed.

Reporting Segments

DPG is currently working in five segments: Europe, Middle East, Asia. With business operations
located in UK, Poland, UAE, Australia.

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